3 Things Pilots Need to Know About Financial Success


About the Author

Annette VanderLinde, MBA, CWS®, AIF® has worked in the financial services industry as a trusted advisor for over fifteen years. She currently serves as Chief Client Officer at Portfolio Solutions®, and takes pride in using her extensive experience to help clients identify and achieve their financial goals through a comprehensive planning approach. Annette is a private pilot and enjoys serving as a volunteer for several non-profit entities serving her community.



1) Keep a Close Eye on Your Flight Path

A financial plan is a living, breathing document that requires modifications due to the changes in your life and financial situation. Analogous to how you keep tabs on your flight instruments, it's important that you update your financial plan, which includes staying diversified to protect yourself from market volatility.

2) Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes you can fly around storms, but sometimes you need to rely on a contingency plan. We know that pilots are process-oriented, and part of their process includes being prepared even when unexpected turbulence interferes with their flight path. The same goes for financial planning: the time to create a contingency plan is in advance, not in the midst of a market downturn or other unforeseen circumstances.

3) Rely on Your Team

Successful flights are often a team win. As you trust your co-pilot and air traffic controllers, trust the help of trusted partners such as a fiduciary Financial Advisor who is solely focused on helping you work towards successful, goal-oriented outcomes.

Invest your money the same way you would fly a plane: control what you can control, apply a process, plan carefully, and rely on a trusted team.

by Annette Vanderlinde, MBA, CWS®, AIF®

As a private pilot and Certified Wealth Strategist®, I've noticed many parallels between flying Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and trying to plan your finances. You can't always see what's coming ahead. There are three things I believe as a pilot that contribute to financial success. 


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