LWA Sponsors "IN THE LANDSCAPE: Classical Music in the Wild"

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For the second year, we were proud to sponsor “IN A LANDSCAPE: Classical Music in the Wild.” as part of Teton Regional Land Trust's event celebrating the 5th annual Greater Yellowstone Crane Festival featuring a piano performance by Hunter Noak. Our CEO  and CIO  were happy to attend to support the cause.

Jim and his wife, Missy, have been coming to the area over the last 25 years. Their admiration for the open spaces of this region led to a partnership with the Land Trust.  plays a key role in the long-term sustainability of Teton Regional Land Trust through the management of its investments. “We manage investments for many nonprofits, and many land trusts. Because of our passion for land trusts and the work that you do, this is much more than a business relationship for us.”

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