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College Savings Planning

Every parent and grandparent wants the best for their children and grandchildren – and college savings play a huge role in that experience. Saving early and using the correct savings vehicles can allow your children to reap the rewards of the time value of money and compounding interest, allowing them to attend and graduate college with significantly reduced student debt (or none at all!). We use state-of- the-art financial planning technology to help estimate the inflation-adjusted costs of college so you know how much you need to save.

There are a number of savings strategies available, and some offer significant tax benefits. 529 college plans, custodial accounts, and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts are some of the most popular options. Liberty Wealth Advisors can help you navigate the myriad savings options available and select the one(s) that best fit the needs of you and your offspring. We also have partnerships with college admissions consultants, who can aid in the preparation of applications, FAFSA forms, and other paperwork necessary for college application and admission.