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Estate & Legacy Planning and Trusts

Estate planning goes far beyond just having a will. Every parent and grandparent wants the best financial experience for their children and grandchildren - the hope is to pass along the wisdom of their experience, so that their offspring avoid pitfalls and benefit from better financial choices. In our capitalist society, dollars can open doors and provide opportunities. Having a strong estate and legacy plan ensures that your family will be well cared for.

Liberty Wealth Advisors keeps your values, needs, and goals in the forefront as we work together on your estate and legacy plan. The estate and legacy planning process will set up your will, identify a qualified estate attorney if you do not already have one, organize your assets to pass to the next generation (or two) with the least family disputes, minimize the amount of federal and state taxes an estate must pay, and name individuals to make financial decisions for you when you no longer can. We’ll also stay up to date on changes in your life and/or your goals, and notify you of any changes in estate laws that may affect your plan.

Comprehensive planning can be complex, including numerous legal documents and insurance strategies. We will support you throughout the preparation process by participating in meetings with your attornies and explaining unfamiliar terms and concepts. We will be there for your family when the time comes to put your estate plan into effect.