Our Company Philosophy

At Portfolio Solutions® we believe that a “goals-based” planning process is the best way to create a customized financial plan tailored to meet your individual needs and objectives. It is vital to create a plan that accomplishes your goals now, and in the future, and does so in a tax- efficient manner with minimal investment costs. It is our responsibility to build a financial plan and investment portfolio for you that will help ensure financial security for you and your family. We seek to foster peace in your life and the lives of those around you by doing the daily work necessary to help ensure that your financial future is secure.

Our Investment Philosophy: Index Investing

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is to capture market based returns and minimize risk through diversification. Employing evidence-based research, we build portfolios using low cost index vehicles designed to weather market volatility. Our investment philosophy has consistently served our clients since 1999 in up and down markets. 

Portfolio Solutions® Investment Philosophy