After a portfolio has been constructed at Portfolio Solutions®, we monitor it daily using our rebalancing system looking for breaches in allocation tolerances. 

When it comes to managing portfolios, we group all retirement money into one portfolio and all taxable money into another. This allows us to take advantage of the cost benefits of householding but also allows us to manage the two types of money differently, which is important because of the added cost of taking taxable gains in taxable costs (i.e. they have different cost-benefit points). Specifically, we rebalance retirement accounts more frequently by allowing less variability in a holding before rebalancing. For taxable money, we allow greater variability in a holding before rebalancing. All of our client portfolios are monitored daily and are rebalanced based on need (as opposed to a specific time interval).

We do not employ a one-size-fits-all approach to tax-loss harvesting, as it does not always lead to optimal results. Rather, your Portfolio Solutions® Financial Advisor will take the time to understand your tax situation, coordinating with your tax professional when necessary, and develop a Custom Tax Loss Harvesting Strategy for your portfolio.