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Retirement Planning & Income

Retirement planning and retirement income planning are two distinct but equally important tasks. Whether you’ve just entered the wealth accumulation phase of your career, are years away from retirement, or approaching retirement, it’s important to have a retirement savings plan.

Retiring is a process that requires time and careful planning. Liberty Wealth Advisors can help you prepare for retirement and ease the transition from saving to retirement to living off retirement income. We can answer your most pressing questions – Do I have enough money to retire? Will I run out of money? Will I be able to maintain my lifestyle? – as well as help you design a plan and timeline you are comfortable with.

We can help account for the many aspects of a retirement plan, including:

  • Maximizing your savings in the last few years of employment and exploring investment vehicles, like Roth IRAs, to assist in this process
  • Divesting company stock options, keeping in mind any tax or diversification consequences
  • Considering healthcare costs and how to transition to Medicare
  • Pension claiming strategies and lump sum considerations
  • Understanding Social Security claiming strategies (which were changed by a new law in April 2016)
  • Looking into long-term healthcare options
  • Recognizing all these factors in the context of your assets, other sources of income, goals and needs, and your individual situation

A financial advisor is your best friend in retirement. Liberty Wealth Advisors will stay engaged after you transition from work to retirement, proactively reaching out about any tax or estate planning rule changes that may affect your retirement. We’ll also stay up to date on changes in your life and/or your goals. Some common questions we hear from retired clients are:

  • What’s the best way to minimize our taxes?
  • How do we change our estate plan?
  • Our family situation has changed. How do we start saving for our new grandchild’s college education?
  • Living in the north is cold and no longer fun. Can I buy a house somewhere warm?
  • We want to travel more. Can we afford it?

We look forward to helping you create a retirement savings, transition, and income plan that you are comfortable with and that helps you achieve your financial needs and goals.