Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We get it – your ultimate goal is to take care of your family after you’ve passed on. You want to make sure that your legacy lives on in a growing and fortuitous way, and you don’t want your loved ones to have to struggle any more than they might already. You can trust our experts at Liberty Wealth Advisors to build a solid, dependable estate plan that will ensure the comfort and security of your family and the values you cherish for those critical years that follow.

Our experienced professionals will work with your estate planning attorney to determine if your financial plan and your estate plan are properly aligned, and then we will update them regularly based on any changes that may be required. We will complete a titling and beneficiary designation review with you to ensure that your assets are correctly owned so that we can properly take action with your estate plan.

Some of the estate planning areas that we will work on together include:

  • Advice on the implementation and proper use of estate planning tools, including wills, trusts, healthcare proxies, and power-of-attorney documents
  • Discussing and evaluating potential tax efficiencies, exemptions, and deductions
  • Evaluating control mechanisms within your estate plan
  • Executor and trustee selection
  • Asset titling and beneficiary designations

In the event that you don’t have an estate planning attorney that you are already working with, we are happy to recommend you one of our trusted partners. We take care to work with people that we know will always perform with your best interests in mind, so you won’t have to worry about any ulterior motives. In conjunction with your estate planning attorney, we will help you explore the various solutions that can be implemented and develop a thorough, secure plan based on what you want to leave as your legacy. This plan will also help you maximize any after-tax benefits for your heirs and other beneficiaries, allowing you to maintain a satisfactory level of control while simultaneously minimizing estate taxes.

If you believe that our estate planning services can help you in carrying on your legacy, your values, and your memories, please contact us and set up an appointment today to discuss how we can further earn your trust.

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