Portfolio Solutions® & Vanguard Hold Summit to Expand Their Long-Term Partnership

Portfolio Solutions® & Vanguard Hold Summit to Expand Their Long-Term Partnership

December 21, 2018

Portfolio Solutions® CEO, James Gladney and Vanguard CEO, Tim Buckley recently brought their senior management teams together for a full day summit meeting at Vanguard Headquarters in Malvern, PA to develop ways to expand the long-standing partnership between the two companies. Mr. Gladney and Mr. Buckley have developed a fantastic working relationship that benefits both companies.

The two CEOs have much in common. Among other things, they share a commitment to a Servant Leadership approach to serving their teams and their clients, and they are both passionate about developing ways to improve outcomes for investors.

Mr. Buckley related that he is impressed with the way that Mr. Gladney has led the transformation of Portfolio Solutions® over the past several years from a limited service portfolio management provider into a full-service wealth management advisor, while still maintaining its low fees. Mr. Gladney is honored by the level of assistance and personal attention that Mr. Buckley and the entire Vanguard management team have given to Portfolio Solutions®. “Tim Buckley is one of the most impressive leaders I have ever encountered and I am so grateful for his support and friendship,” said Mr. Gladney.

Mr. Buckley posted a photo of himself with the Portfolio Solutions® team on his blog, which is distributed to all 16,000 Vanguard employees. In it, he stated that he loved seeing Vanguard’s mission spread through like-minded RIAs like Portfolio Solutions® who offer low cost advice solutions to their clients. Mr. Gladney and his team at Portfolio Solutions® were pleased to be recognized in this manner by Mr. Buckley.


“It was great spending time with Jim Gladney and the Portfolio Solutions® team on their recent visit to our Head Office. Portfolio Solutions® and Vanguard have a fantastic working relationship, with a shared intent about providing clients the best chance of investment success. It was also exciting to hear the plans that Jim and his team have for Portfolio Solutions® in the future,” said Michael Lovett, Principal – Head of RIA Group, Vanguard Financial Advisor Services.

Vanguard is supporting Portfolio Solutions® growth in a myriad of ways by providing resources to Portfolio Solutions® which Portfolio Solutions® can use to better serve its valued clients. Some of these include access to Vanguard’s economic research and relationships with the top-level thought leaders on the Vanguard team. The two companies are also discussing developing co-branding initiatives.

James S. Gladney, Chairman and CEO of Portfolio Solutions® said, “I am so thankful to Tim and his senior leadership team for the incredible support they have given me. Our portfolios include certain Vanguard funds because we believe in Vanguard founder Jack Bogle’s vision and in Tim Buckley and his team’s stewardship of the company. As fiduciaries, we have a duty to place our client’s best interests first. We provide comprehensive wealth planning advice and build customized portfolios for our clients. Some of Vanguard’s funds offer our clients a way to diversify certain components of these portfolios. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Tim and his team and working with them to create innovative ways to benefit our valued clients.”

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