Timing the Market is Futile

Timing the Market is Futile

July 09, 2019

At Portfolio Solutions®, the investment philosophy we practice has served our clients for more than 20 years, and it hasn't changed. We are long-term, strategic investment advisors who believe that diversification, asset allocation and rebalancing are all part of a sound investment strategy. These financial concepts are part of Modern Portfolio Theory, which in practice can help investors avoid unnecessary risks.

The portfolios we construct seek a broad-based exposure to desired asset classes by investing in low-cost index funds. We believe this broad diversification offers the best protection against risk, that investment markets are efficient over time, and that attempting to time markets is futile over the long-term. Instead, we monitor portfolios on a daily basis, and rebalance as needed in a disciplined manner. Because markets can change quickly (see chart above) attempts at market timing are not likely to succeed for the long-term investor. We prefer to exercise patience and rebalance without emotional influences to help avoid market timing mistakes.

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